PANWAR Projects Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of its employees by offering top-notch and sanitary food, ensuring safety through the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), maintaining excellent working conditions, and providing health and medical facilities. We are committed to making continuous improvements in all facets of our organization each day to foster growth and satisfaction.

Area of expertise

In the private sector, PANWAR Projects is a leading provider of construction services, specializing in piling constructions for various infrastructure projects such as roads, highways, bridges, metros, buildings, housings, industrial plants, and overall infrastructure development initiatives. Our focus is on delivering dependable and long-lasting solutions for transportation infrastructure. At PANWAR Projects, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring excellence, fostering innovation, and employing advanced engineering techniques, positioning us as your reliable and trusted partner for all your construction needs.

Mission:-Delivering top-quality and trusted leader in the construction industry. We are dedicated to building infrastructure that improves connectivity, easier transportation, and enhances mobility for people and goods. Our mission is to create infrastructure that has a lasting impact, positively transforming cities and communities.

Vision:-Contribute to the development and progress of the nation’s infrastructure. Promoting sustainable practices in our infrastructure projects for a better future.Prioritizing sustainability by using eco-friendly approaches in our projects.


PANWAR Projects ensures that every employee has access to the essential knowledge, guidelines, and orientation required to comply with the company’s safety and health procedures, ensuring the proper execution of their tasks.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided and utilized as deemed essential, following a risk assessment conducted by PANWAR Projects. In support of safe task execution, PANWAR Projects supplies necessary equipment, including machines and plants, and provides comprehensive training and instructions to personnel.

  • PANWAR Projects dedicates ample financial resources to ensure the comprehensive coverage of equipment maintenance and security needs. This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to maintaining a safe and secure working environment for all its employees.
  • PANWAR Projects allocates sufficient financial resources to cover all equipment maintenance and security needs, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining a safe and secure working environment for its employees.
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